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What's Happening at BSA?

Recent changes in healthcare law mandates that "screening colonoscopies" be provided at no charge by insurance companies.  Unfortunately, some insurance companies have determined that if something is found, such as precancerous polyps that are removed by the surgeon, the procedure changes to a "diagnostic colonoscopy" and will be billed as such. It will not be considered a fully covered preventive service.  You may be billed for a deductible, a co-pay and/or co-insurance depending upon your insurance coverage.  You may also be billed for anesthesia and/or a facility fee by the hospital where the procedure was performed. Likewise, if you had a colonoscopy less than 10 years ago and you are not at high risk for colon cancer, your insurance company may not cover the procedure and you will be billed.
BEFORE YOU HAVE THIS PROCEDURE, please check with your insurance company to see if you will be billed if this "screening" procedure becomes a "diagnostic" procedure due to finding something that needs attention.  About 24% of screening colonoscopies lead to the detection and removal of at least one precancerous polyp.  If you have had this procedure before, check with your insurance company to see how often they will cover it.
Currently, there are ongoing legislative efforts to correct this situation so that all screening colonoscopies are fully covered regardless of the findings.  However, at this time, no such legislation is in place and you may be billed for this procedure!